Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Live Life King Style..

I'm very thankful to God for giving me wonderful parents at the 1st place, who r so enthu towards everything in life.Also,very lucky enuf to get a darling husband who is euqally and more enthu towards life.

We njoy crazy things like snacking fries at midnite to simply relaxing at home.I guess everything has a 'perspective' and every1 has one. What is happiness for me might be madness for others.

I like to live life by the moment and I'm particularly not obsessed abt nything in has given few opportunities, lets go grab them. Few people start behaving differently once they r married.. and more differently( secluded) when they have kids, for them Life ends there..

You have to have enthu for lil' things in life.Eat,dine ,drink,attend concerts,shows,travel,trips.. ofcourse when the time is right.. now tht's tricky.. 'the right time' to do certain things is again relative term and varies form person to person.. Ofcourse, I hate doing 'show offs'.. dikhave pe mat jao.. apni akal lagao..'.. so u save, take time to buy things in life depending on ur situation.. from necessities to luxury.. but DO it .. and Do it in this life..U never knw wats in store for u.

Don't think too much abt nything.. tht's wat I'm actually trying to follow... whether u r fat or fit.. rich or not no rich.. all tht matters is d attitude towards life. If you have a positive attitude.. everything can change.. or atleast u will start liking the way it is..

Stop having a 'thakela' attitude towards life...

zillions of thoughts each nano sec

There can't b any particular name to blogs.. splly my very 1st..coz there r zillions of thoughts running ..n they keep on changing with every second.I used to pen down my thots mostly when I was sad/upset.But today its nothin like tht.

Sometimes the mind is happy for no reason, sometimes damm sad or annoyed. There is understandable reason sometimes.. and sometimes u keep wondering.

Right now I'm thinking abt the word ' Appreciation'. Everybody wants to have it, but seldom people realize tht its gud to appreciate others.There is always this word " Me" you hear all d time.Everything is abt tht 'Me'.I mean can't you think of ny1 than you.You do fault finding in others, simply forgetting wat behavioural patterns u exhibit.You keep on talking how grt you r bla bla blah..

My mom always maintains " jo ped(tree) ladaa, utna he jhuka" meaning the more great/knowlegdeful a person is , the more down to earth he is'.You might be the best of the best and yet you be most humble to the person you talk to.. and there r few who again as my mom says " thotha chana baaje ghaana" ( means empty vessels make more noise).

Learn to appreciate people..U may b gud but respect the others as well.Never let success get into ur head.

I've seen people who hav got things pretty easily in life showing arrogant/proud behaviour..and perhaps this is when I realise the importance of earning success..through tuff times.It tastes so much better..

All I want is people shud behave with more 'sadbuddhi'.Think out of the BOX, i.e 'Me'.